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Professional Car Scratch Remover

Professional Car Scratch Remover

Professional Car Scratch Remover

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Professional Car Scratch Remover can help you to fix scratches of cars efficiently. This is especially if you drive in the city where there are endless possibilities of getting scratched. 

There is the need to make sure that you get the best car scratch remover.

Watch it! How This Body Compound Works!



Special Features:

  • Nano coating fills and covers scratches instantly and harden by the sunlight. Dries clear and suitable for any paint colors! Safely removes scratches and stains with a flawless finish.
  • Keep this in your toolbox and make your precious car look brand new again!
  • Nano Coating Material – Covers up scratches instantly and provide additional protection to the car
  • Anti-Ultraviolet Radiation – Super strong UV resistant coating layer, effective against UV and prevents aging
  • Suitable for ALL types of vehicles – Suitable for car, trucks, and SUVs. Also for any paint colors


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Body Compound Exclusive Features:

  • Remove scratches, slight marks and other scratches on the paint surface. Apply this product to the surface to be treated to reduce or eliminate these symptoms.
  • This product can quickly remove the slight scratches on the surface of the paint, bird droppings and other serious pollution, effectively protecting car paint and prevent oxidation and other phenomena;
  • It not only can repair car paint but also polish and protect your car paint.
  • Easy for operation and use.
  • Perfect and quick for repair car paint dent or scratch.

    Car Scratch Remover Usages Instructions :

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      • 1 x Professional Car Scratch Remover
      • 1 x sponge
      • 1 Pc Fix It Pro Clear Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen
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